Patient Surveys

Patient Surveys

Hear What Our Patients Say About Our Caring Service

"If all your patients get the excellent care I receive, you’re probably working longer hours and more days than is healthy for you. However, I don’t mind feeling I’m getting the best care!"

"Office Staff and Doctors are kind and very helpful."

"My care was exceptional."

"Your office is exceptional!"

"The care here is amazing."

"The health care professionals treat patients with so much kindness and always respond never making you feel silly for asking questions. You feel like you are a person not a number and the doctors and nurses there are real genuine caring people."

"I love this care center. It truly is a family care center. This practice can take care of any medical and non-medical issues. Very well organized. Very proficient. Meets all my family needs. Stephanie Roberts is excellent and extremely smart. Very compassionate. Loni is an awesome receptionist always compassionate and very efficient. Always knows just what to do or who to talk to. Thank You All!"

"This is an amazing care practice. They can treat anyone for just about anything. Everyone is very helpful and caring. This practice is extremely efficient and well run. Stephanie Roberts is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. Loni is also very compassionate and efficient an amazing clerk. My family loves this practice."

"This family clinic is outstanding in its services, staff, & diverse medical community. Regardless of the patients age, medical experts prove their strengths every time I need them. Lonnie at the front desk is very helpful. Rachelle & Mel are excellent facilitators, and good listeners. Bobbie & Stephanie thoroughly work thru symptoms making clear and manageable solutions easily executed. The patient portal is very helpful with keeping communications updated. I firmly believe I receive more prompt, accurate, helpful medical attention right here than I could get in any other city in Idaho. Dr Davis is a credit to this community for developing this unique medical care center here in Shoshone."

"We feel fortunate to have such good medical care in our rural community."

"You all do a wonderful job and I'm so grateful to have you as my provider."

"I receive excellent care in the office, in home and via patient portal communications."

"We get the best care here, better than we’ve ever had anywhere else."